Take a Look How Your Proposed Riggins Rafting Trip Will Turn Out

You are more than ready to go out and experience an unforgettable time Riggins River rafting and cannot wait to set about with the rest of your household on the vacation of a lifetime. But, hang on! Before you do, wouldn’t you want to know what to expect while hanging out with prominent Rogue river rafting outfitters like Orange Torpedo Trips at http://www.orangetorpedo.com/? We bet you would.

Take a look at a sample schedule of what your rafting trip will possibly look like:

  • Before you even get into your car on the way to the great Riggins area, you will be commissioned to sit down for a one-hour orientation where any last minute questions will be answered. This is when you will get your waterproof gear as well.
  • Your first day will likely start around 7:30 where you get to meet your river guide and board the bus. Be sure to enjoy the surrounding area as you bypass incredible mountain scenery while making your way down to the launch area. Do not get all heated up when you will be told how to use the various safety equipment, including how to throw a rope. It is a necessary evil and will help you a lot while rafting the river.
  • Your second day is the best as you’ll get breakfast at around 7:00 and a pot of hot tea or coffee. You will have to pack all your personal gear while the guides will ensure the mobile kitchen magically disappear into various compartments of the rafting boat. Make the most of your leisurely morning at the camp, soak up the morning sun, before your group is set to depart around 9:30 for another fun day on the Riggins. You are sure to learn more about various historical sites, experience exciting rapids, and even witness some rock art along the way. Not to mention the incredible wildlife and natural scenery. At the end of the day, you will be welcomed by a campfire dinner and another astronomy lesson you wouldn’t want to miss for the world.
  • Day three brings its own exciting adventures as its filled with high waves and dangerous rapids that come with some funny names. These are the kind of memories that you will cherish forever in a day. Add to this, the Bald Eagles you witnessed soaring over your rustic cabin set against the backdrop of mountain vistas and a place you consider to be a little paradise, and you have yourself a winner. Back at the camp, you are sure to see sandy beaches and a couple of tents here and there. Be ready to be immersed in endless fun when you get to participate in games like flying discs, baseballs, volleyball nets, and horseshoes. You may even want to make your selection from a hiking trip or an opportunity to go for a swim. Then, there is dinner, a crackling fire and crisp air that will satisfy all your senses and bring you a family vacation like no other.
  • On day four, you may just see a playful otter or two that will remind you of the kid inside of you, ready to come out and play. The river guides will most likely ask you to plunge into the river and swim along in a gentle rapid with other rafters. Soon, the swim will be a thing of the past, and it will be back to business where you and others will raft the Riggins once more.
  • Day five is where you will in all likelihood experience some wilder than wild rapids that may just make you think twice about opting for river rafting in the Idaho region ever again. Do not worry overly much. Once it’s over, you will get to enjoy lunch and laugh about the whole experience of a lifetime. Others will share their precious memories by showing the photos they’ve taken.

Sad times have arrived as you reach your take-out point where you need to hand back the safety gear, gather your personal belongings and head back to civilization.

Now is an excellent time to make your plans for next year’s river rafting trip, which is easy if you opt for rafting the Riggins with Orange Torpedo Trips.