Rifle Testing Company Confirms the Effectiveness of Muzzle Brakes

Nowadays we come across many new products, from rifles to 308 Muzzle Brake & A2 Flash Hiders that allow users to modify their guns without needing a gunsmith. More barrels are threaded than ever before, which is perfect for adding suppressors and brakes to minimize muzzle rise. Gunsmiths have no reason to be concerned as a great many rifle users go to them for all kinds of things. However, one do not have to be tied up waiting in line due to a backlog of work.

Undoubtedly, there is no question that a well-designed brake can reduce recoil by as much as 45 percent. Likewise, the best quality brakes, when installed properly, have no adverse effect on the accuracy of your shots.

A bit of testing is in order to confirm just how effective 223 muzzle brakes in all forms, shapes and sizes really are.

High-Pressure Cartridges Works Best with Brakes

Apparently, the higher the pressure of a particular round, the more effective the brake becomes. A guy named Roy who happen to have over 20 rifles that are fitted with brakes, from handguns to big boomers to shotguns. Roy judges the effectiveness of the brakes he tested by the percentage of recoil reduction. It is obvious if you start off with a heavier recoil round the recoil energy reduction would be so much greater. Interestingly, efficiency brakes that were tested were way more efficient when they were used with high-pressure cartridges.

Proper Muzzle Brake Installation Ensures Good Accuracy

Roy soon discovered that further study of how effective brakes really are is warranted. Also, precision installation is essential to ensure accuracy as a misaligned and poorly installed brake is sure to degrade accuracy.

How Effective are Timed Brakes?

It is super easy to make use of timed brakes as you just spin them on until your chambers are timed, then you simply tighten the collet that you’ll find on the back to secure it in place. One such brake has an aggressive knurling that allows one to hand tighten the brake. It has proven to be very handy as you can remove the brake without using any tools. Roy found no issues when testing it out using three rifles and after many rounds were fired.

No doubt, there are a couple of issues one may run into with just about any muzzle brake. After all, they are not all created equal. The primary concern would be how it maintain a rifle’s accuracy. Secondly, how effective is in the long run regarding noise levels, recoil reduction, and so forth?

Regarding, the first issue, you want a precision rifle where accuracy is a priority. It can mean the difference between performing like a pro or coming across as a total amateur.

Testing out the Effectiveness of a Timed Muzzle Brake

Roy went about setting up everything and was almost ready to shoot when he suddenly realized he didn’t have a camera set up at 100 yards. He quickly ran down with his GoPro, had it set up and got right back to his rifle to start shooting. Normally, he would give himself at least 2 minutes to settle in but didn’t do so on this occasion. He totally tanked his first shot.

Not only did it demonstrate the accuracy of his rifle, but also proved the effectiveness of the brake he was using as it did not affect the accuracy of his shots. Make no mistake; you can expect a certain amount of movement as you change the harmonics of the barrel by adding a brake.

First of Its Kind Muzzle Brake to Reduce Noise Levels

There is a newly manufactured muzzle brake that conforms to the highest quality standards and offers advanced muzzle gas management to reduce muzzle rise and recoil. The unique triple-port shape of the design is full of promise. Extensive field testing has been done to fine tune the gas ejection ports towards the top and sides of the brake to minimize recoil and muzzle rise. The unique triple port design by MadHouse Design is the first of its kind that also reduces the noise the noise level received by the shooter.